Week Ahead: April 3-9, 2017

IV The Emperor

Tarot Mucha’s IV – The Emperor

Can everybody feel that something BIG is happening? It’s like April started and we all got inspired to make the changes we’ve been thinking about all winter as we hunkered down and waited for the sun, the warmth, and the fresh new energy that comes with Spring. The theme of the week is IV – THE EMPEROR reversed, indicating that we are getting back in touch with our “inner” selves, reimagining what works for us, and taking down the structures that we know no longer serve. We’re allowing ourselves to feel again, and embracing the creativity and newfound compassion that come with unburdening ourselves from impossible expectations and desperate situations!

Page of Pentacles

Monday: Page of Pentacles

Yes indeed, we’re making new starts all over the place! This week we’re focusing on getting back on track, be it in the realm of finance and material wealth, or even of healthy, wellness, and the body. Whatever we have started, we can know that we are well-prepared and serious about what we are doing! All we really need to fuel us now is our own ambition, and faith that we have what it takes to reach our goals.

0 The Fool

Tuesday: 0 – THE FOOL

Step lightly today! Lower your expectations – making a new start is not easy, although early in the game it can feel that way. Baby steps still get you on your way, and if things have started to feel like they’re lagging, remember that real change takes time and fresh thinking! You are being supported in this new journey, and know that the Universe is there to catch you if you stumble ❤

VIII Strength

Wednesday: VIII – STRENGTH

Today progress will be made in overcoming your more “basic” instincts: where once you would have turned-tail and run from a problem, today you feel like facing it head-on, thus learning a new way of handling things. The greatest breakthroughs come in striving to understand another’s perspective on the matter. When people make positive changes, others around them can sometimes feel threatened or judged when they don’t do the same: remember that we are all on different paths, no matter how closely they seem to align, and we are stronger when we find creative ways to see through each other’s eyes.

I The Magician

Thursday: I – THE MAGICIAN reversed

If yesterday felt bumpy, today throws us a huge curveball, one that finds us questioning our ability to do what we’ve set out to. We may feel we don’t have the resources we need, or that we’re not receiving the support we wish we had — today our challenge is to apply what we learned on Tuesday, maintaining that spring in our step and remembering that this is a process where we are learning just how truly skilled we are, and just how much we can do if we hang in there and fully trust in our personal strength! We always have everything we need, and the best support we can give ourselves comes from within. External recognition will come, for now keep your head up and know that you CAN do it!

Knight of Wands

Friday: Knight of Wands

After a slump yesterday, you may be feeling…well, mad! Remember, remember, remember that real change takes time, so don’t let your frustration bubble up into impulsive, reckless behaviour. Stay grounded and, if you feel like you messed up yesterday, do not take it out on yourself or others! If you can, channel your fire into something productive (even better if it contributes to the new goal you’re working towards)! You could turn back now, but you’ve already come so far! It will get harder before it gets easy, and it’s up to you not to explode. No pressure? ;D

XV The Devil

Saturday: XV – THE DEVIL

Yep, today “harder before it gets easier” will be ringing in your ears. How did you handle yesterday’s challenges? Well, today they really do explode, and you may feel like your efforts have gone up in flames. Nope! This is a test from the Universe, testing your mettle and trying to coax you back with the sweet song of your old patterns, the ones that you know aren’t working for you but still look easier and more comfortable than the more stoic, far less fun road to effecting true change in your life. It’s your choice how you respond to this test, and here, you are accountable to no-one but yourself! Truly, only you can hold yourself captive. You are the master of your own life!

X The Wheel of Fortune

Sunday: X – THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE reversed

Well, today may have you feeling like things haven’t changed at all. This was a difficult week filled with big lessons, one of which is that we can’t control the speed – or the circumstances! – by which change happens. Take some time today to turn inward and reflect on how far you’ve come, and do your best to put out of your mind how far you still have to go. You’ve overcome so much this week, even if you may have made some decisions that you’re less than proud of. You’re learning, you’re growing, and things are changing, slowly but surely!

II The High Priestess

Focus for the Week: II – THE HIGH PRIESTESS

I love this card because for me, it’s reassurance that my “spirit guides” are present and ready to help. When challenges arise this week, remember to listen to that quietest inner voice: it’s working with you and providing all the answers you need to push through whatever obstacles throw themselves in your path! “Ego” messages will be everywhere this week, trying to pull you off-course and back into the patterns that you’ve decided no longer work for you and what you want for your life. Trust that you are in the perfect moment between your past and your present, and that you know what you need to do! When the going gets tough, listen: the answers you need will be provided, in one way or another! Synchronicity is real, and it’s the Universe’s way of telling you you’re on the right track. Look into repeating numbers, find meaning in song lyrics, watch for signs in nature: the Universe is cheering you on and wants you to succeed, no matter how long it takes!

Yes, this week we’re looking at the structures in our lives in a BIG way, coming up with creative new ideas for doing things differently, in ways that feel more aligned with our true selves. Focus on what you want to create for yourself and your life. Nothing about this week will be small-scale, and you’ll be dealing with some big opinions and personalities — including your own! Hold true to your beliefs and stand strong in your decisions, even when perseverance feels like the hardest thing. Take extra-good care of yourself as this week hurls itself at you – it’s going to be a challenge, and it’s one that you’re more ready than ever to take on!!

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Deck used:

Tarot Mucha. LWB: Lunaea Weatherstone. Artwork: Giulia F. Massaglia. Torino, Italy: Lo Scarabeo, 2014. © Lo Scarabeo Italy.

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