New Moon in Capricorn ✨🌑♑ January 12/13, 2021

The New Moon in Capricorn takes place January 13, 2021 at 1:00 am AST at 23⁰ Capricorn — this transformational New Moon wants to bring you the energy you need to push through challenges and find a way to keep making it up the mountain 🌑♑🏔🐐

Cut cards/initial energy: 44. Super Moon | Attraction + Neroli | Precious, Delicate, Royalty + 15. Santa Muerte | Holy Death + XV – The Devil

WOW, talk about current events! There are strong French Revolution vibes here — society is magnetizing the exact energy needed for an unsustainable empire to fall.

Shadow cards/underlying theme of the New Moon: 10. St. Lucy | Fierce Strength + 26. Surrender + Grapefruit | Spontaneity, Confidence, Youth + 5 of Cups

Yes, the energy has been very heavy enotionally, requiring you to tap into your deepest, fiercest Inner Strength in order to find trust for the way things are unfolding. Keep putting in the conscious work to SURRENDER to the process — at this point all you need to do is KEEP GOING. Trust that the young people now approaching adulthood will be the real mobilizers of the revolution that’s underway (no pressure all my Uranus in Aquarius lovelies born between 1995 and 2003! You know what to do!)

Oracle cards: 11. Fear + Clove reversed | Numb, Gossip, Maliciousness + Copaiba | Magnify, Amplify, Ease + 1. St. Anthony | Reclaim

That said, feel what you’re feeling — these are challenging times and it *is* scary not knowing what’s going to happen. But don’t let what you’re feeling turn into hatred — be present and do what you can to ground yourself, knowing that will help so much in lending you the ease you need to guide others. We are seeing so many people act so questionably, but it’s so important to let those choices be theirs — you have the ability to choose differently, and this New Moon is pouring in the energy of perseverence and practicality that will help you Find Yourself and Reclaim the energy you need to re-story your role in the future being built. Keep raising your vibration knowing your example is inspiring others to amplify positive energy in their own lives, against the odds.

Theme of the New Moon in Capricorn: King of Cups

Here it is — the opportunity to really start walking your spiritual talk. What the world needs now is Love — and thankfully that’s the exact energy you have been striving to align yourself with for some time now. This New Moon is a fresh start where it comes to you leveling up so that you can be an emotional rock for your loved ones who are struggling. The fact that you’re reading this proves that you are one of the necessary voices spreading messages of trust in the process and sharing ways to ride the waves.

Main challenge: King of Wands

Truly, you are challenged to be a spiritual leader if you have any sort of leaning towards New Age mindset. All you have to do is share the tidbits about astrology and energy that you’ve been seeking for your own energetic stabilization — everything that’s felt like exactly what you needed to hear will absolutely feel just as reassuring to others!

What is beginning that leads you to greater success? 4 of Cups

A new willingness to *face disappointment* so that it can be corrected is on the rise. This is the result of more and more people turning towards meditation and Shadow work to process their inner gunk — this is the Great Awakening, and the more people tapping in to the energy of the collective unconscious, the faster the possibilities rolling in can be established. All in good time really, but this New Moon promises to find a surge in people committing to Going Within to pull up the bad roots of the past so that new growth can flourish.

Best Advice: 9 of Swords + XX – Judgement

This is a time to feel the fear and do it anyway — yes, dark and anxiety-inducing things are being dredged up, but this is part of the larger and completely necessary Wake-up Call that allows more and more people to turn towards what needs transformation I’m favour of much-increased equality and the true possibility of a society wherein support is available for All. This really is only the beginning — Judgement is associated with Pluto, the planet of death, destruction, and the ultimate transformation that becomes possible on the other side of the intensity. The United States is having its first Pluto return — Pluto takes 248 years to work it’s way around the zodiac, and there’s no mistake that the average length of an empire is about 250 years. 2022/23 is when Pluto actually returns to the 27⁰ mark — now is the time to buckle up and heal the patterns that hold you in fear. Keep listening and allowing yourself to be guided by what represents Love and Balance to you.

Higher Self cards/message of Hope moving forward: 5. St. Francis | Healing + 44. SuperMoon | Attraction + Juniper | Purification, Smoke, Temperance + XVII – The Star

There is absolutely Hope! While you are facing unimaginable challenges, the New Moon in Capricorn is breathing in the very energy you need to *keep going* where it comes to continuing to develop the wisdom and consistent behaviours that help you progress. Continue clearing out what needs to go in your own life, and do your best to *be present* with what’s going on — temperance and moderation are key. Illusions will continue to be dispelled left and right, further revealing what’s ready to change. Trust that you are protected, and that you know what you need to stay grounded so you can continue to implement supportive structures that further the mass healing we all need.

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