🧡Sacral Chakra🧡

The centre of creativity, pleasure, and emotional flow, in my experience this is one of the most difficult Chakras to balance!! It’s also been my greatest teacher in terms of realizing how much the chakras don’t *stay* balanced — they need constant attention, as indicated by Do the Work as the Shadow card for all of the Sacral prompts 😂🧡🤗

The first Sacral Chakra question for the #DecemberChakraBalance challenge asks “how to heal your emotional flow?” The NO! card alongside Manipura tells me that I need to set clear boundaries to protect my personal power. This will help demonstrate my openness to receive (6 of Pentacles) alongside helping me find more time and space to nurture my creativity and stay aligned with my Divine Feminine strengths (Omega dragon) 💗🥚🧡

The next Sacral prompt asks “what creative surge results?” The cards repeat the theme of boundaries in the Cut the Cords card — Satya reversed indicates letting go of anything that I no longer feel is aligned with my truth, meaning shining my hopeful light in these fascinating astrological times!! The Hermit and The Emperor kind of urge me to let go of my more unhealthy patterns in order to claim that creative surge that wants to come through 🥰🥰

The third Sacral prompt asks “how to prioritize Pleasure in your day-to-day life?” Ease and Grace alongside Sahasrara gently encourage to make the decision (2 of Swords) to get back to my spiritual practice 😂😂 The onset of Winter has hit me *hard* and I’ve been in full hibernation mode — but Orange Dragon reminds me of my lovely Cosmic Bliss Queen Life Purpose Activation Portal group on Facebook where on yesterday’s live we were all talking about dropping/needing to get back to our practices🧡 Right there with you everybody!! Let’s reignite our Inner Fires🔥

Back to the cut cards — Do the Work is a much needed stalker!! And Kali reversed even further affirms that my energetic boundaries could use strengthening — time to realign with my sense of Divine Feninine discernment, especially as I’m coming up on guiding others using the amazing spiritual technologies that have changed my life so significantly (Green-Gold Sirius Deagon)!! The 3 of Cups reads on several levels — I commit to my spiritual practice because it helps me stay as authentically bubbly and energetic as possible; it helps me be the most fun, playful Mama possible; and it helps me share the ways I’ve aligned with pleasure and joy with my lovely community 💗🥰💗

The Shadow cards encourage me to have Strength and Courage as I take a big leap of faith on myself (Rainbow Dragon) — Saraswati reversed emphasises how important it is for me to start focusing more on my creative work, which is not only one of my favourite ways to raise my vibration and activate Inner Child energy, I also learned from a recent visit to the Akashic Records that that activity is directly tied to abundance and manifestation (9 of Cups) for me 🧡👀💚

The Higher Self cards even further emphasise how setting the Intention to raise my vibration through my creativity (Queen of Wands/Orange-Gold Arcturus Dragon) alongside literally breathing through whatever comes my way (Pranayama) are the key to allowing me to use my power to be of greatest service to all⚡💕⚡

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