❤In with the Stability❤

❤What newfound sense of stability results from the Revolution in Freedom gifted by the New Moon Solar Eclipse?❤

This Eclipse in Sagittarius marked the last on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis until 2029!! The next series of eclipses will take place on the Taurus/Scorpio axis, making answering the collective need for Stability very much the theme of the next several years💕

I love seeing Earth and Ground as the answer to this prompt for the #DecemberChakraBalance challenge, especially alongside Vata reversed — I always love being reminded that the main reason I’m so committed to.my spiritual practice is because it gets me out of my head, and the yoga component especially helps me get into my body and energized for the day ahead instead of wearing myself out ruminating in bed before I even get up 😂😂

The 8 of Wands reversed and Golden Orange Dragon, which is about ascension (!! I have been talking about that so much recently!! The ascension symptoms have been real lol) tell me that I really can settle in to the passion-work I’ve been nurturing — those pages around the Dragon represent the goodies I’ve been writing out for the Bliss Queen Initiation group program and the free Chakra Bliss Activation masterclass I’m having on December 17!!

The cut cards reflect how much I’m focusing in raising my vibration by releasing old patterns — especially surrounding *non-harm* (Ahimsa), especially in my interactions with my babies. I tend to yell a lot more than I’d like to and these cards show how much my active focus on bringing in the Calm Voice is having a positive effect on our connection!! The 3 of Cups is often the card that represents my three babies☺️☺️

And there it is in the Shadow cards — Compassion, which I recently read is the most important spiritual trait. I love the definition “not contributing any further harm to others” — that Lilac Fore Dragon beautifully represents how I’ve been actively transmuting my less-loving feelings by calling in the Violet Flame!! It’s amazing how sensitively cards can pick up on what you’re working with 👀🔥💜

The Higher Self cards further affirm how strong my boundaries are becoming — and how much my focus is happily turning towards developing my role as an actual “High Priestess” alongside further developing my inner balance and intuition through my studies and my kundalini yoga teacher training 📖🥰🧘🏼‍♀️

Email me at mtlapp88@gmail.com for more info about the Bliss Queen Initiation group program of the free Chakra Bliss Activation Masterclass!!

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