❤How to Ground Yourself❤

So much is changing in the wake of the Solar Eclipse!! Things may actually feel very *ungrounded* as we all energetically adjust — so clearly reflected in the Muladhara reversed card. The key to maintaining and regaining balance as the dust settles. The Root Chakra rules the element of Earth, so when you’re noticing a significant shake to your foundation, the best thing you can do is *get outside!* And if that’s not an option, simple movement like just walking around or even dancing or doing yoga can help you get back into your body. Eating or drinking something (especially water) are also great ways to reground!

December 6’s prompt for the #DecemberChakraBalance challenge asks “how to ground yourself in your new reality?” Yoga is my favorite way of grounding into the day — the Ease and Grace card makes me think of how proud of myself I feel when I’m able to hold Eagle pose!! Inner Child Healing makes me smile thinking of how much drawing and reading I’ve been doing — your favourite things to do from when you were little still hold so much grounding, healing magic! Clearly the new reality I’m grounding myself into holds far more space to the things that actually speak to my soul and help my passion thrive. 

In the wake of that New Moon I’ve actually very much dropped the ball on my spiritual practice, so Black Dragon from Saturn is very welcome with his offer of the energy of self-discipline needed to reorient!! The clear reward for getting back into my own groove is the 9 of Pentacles — fully immersing myself in the beautiful success I’ve been nurturing as an independent businessperson. Next year’s astrology is filled with the exact energy we all need to keep stepping into the sense of purpose that *truly* works for us and our financial needs!!

The cut cards agree that this time of New Reality is a massive Opportunity for Change — it’s a giant wakeup call to stop sleeping on the growth that’s waiting to be tended and the new patterns waiting to be implemented. The stuck energy that has been preventing forward motion has been cleared, and it’s even further indicated that this is a time that call for al the self-discipline that can be mustered in order to keep blazing this trail of independent success! One by one we are all seeing ways to both break away from the institution*and* be able to thrive completely. Everything you’ve learned about what you want for yourself is assembling to inform the next steps you’re diving in to! 

The Shadow cards offer that grounding can be found in knowing that there is so much universal support surrounding as well — Mother Mary is one of my main Spirit Guides, and the Pleiades is my home star system <3<3 I love the Tantra card to complement the Magician reversed; while I have been feeling low-energy, there are signs everywhere of how much something new has begun not only through signs of support from the Universe, but also specifically from my partner, yet another amazing offshoot from consistent spiritual practice! Communication is easy and flowing.

The Higher Self cards have yet another challenge stalker — the NO! card! Clearly an important key to staying grounded is setting healthy boundaries, a powerful act that ensures obstacles are cleared from your path (Ganesha) and you’re able to actively release the patterns of thought and action that you know no longer serve (10 of Swords). This is not all — Silver Dragon promises that the changes flowing in have only just begin, and that so much more is being revealed about your highest potential and the ways it’s currently being activated.

Speaking of self-discipline and activation!! I am so excited to announce my *free* Chakra Bliss Activation Masterclass!

Learn quick and easy tips for keeping your energy balanced, blissful, and aligned with your goals, any time, anywhere

We will look at 

🌈the characteristics of the Seven main Chakras
🌈how to recognize when they’re out of balance
🌈Simple ways to realign and activate the energy you need!

Message or comment to save your free spot!! Replay will also be available. The Chakra Bliss Activation Masterclass will be Friday, December 17 at 8:30 pm! 👑🌈💕

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