❤How to heal your sense of safety/security❤

For Day 3 of the #DecemberChakraBalance challenge we’re looking at the Root Chakra, the energy center that rules your sense of feeling safe and secure in your  life. 

Trust the Universe has become an amazing stalker card for me so far in this challenge 🥰🥰 That is such key advice for me as a Pisces North Node — learning to trust that everything is working out for me at all times!! How aligned that the crystal from my calendar was a raw aquamarine, perfect for helping stay in flow💎☺️🌊

Prana and Black Dragon with its message of “cocoon so your divine potential grows” are such a lovely complement. Feeling safe and secure is literally a matter of breathing through whatever is happening and trusting my own rhythms when they tell me to slow down and relax 🥰🥰

I drew both the Ace of Cups reversed and the 6 of Swords, indicating again that feeling safe and secure are directly contingent on *holding the vision* especially when I’m feeling emotionally drained. The 6 of Swords is associated with Mercury in Aquarius, my natal placement, adding the deeper meaning that safety and security come with prioritizing my mental health and my healing journey, again especially when the ride feels the bumpiest!!

So many stalker cards already!! The cut card of Self-Acceptance reiterates how much my self-worth/self-acceptance are flourishing as a result of the ways I’m actively leveling up my life, and I am reminded to lean in to that energy when I’m not feeling my strongest to reactivate my sense of balance.

The Shadow cards reveal two more stalker cards — Do The Work and Golden Atlantean Dragon, which is the cad of reclaiming your mastery!! 😍😍 My spiritual practice has been such a key piece in my overcoming overwhelm, low self-worth, even addiction, providing me with the Strength I need to maximize my natural skills and abilities. 

I love that both the Pranayama and Prana cards appeared in this reading — before yoga came into my life I would actually forget to breathe!! Now I find deep breaths just naturally activate when the pressure is on 🌬☺️💕

The Higher Self cards even further affirm the value of my spiritual practice! It’s what provides me with the Ease and Grace that constantly have people asking me “how I do it” — the answer is by Going Within daily (Dhyana). Orange Dragon is yet another stalker, getting me so excited to help others find the same Bliss I’m rocking when my Bliss Queen Initiation group program launches on January 3!

I love being able to see how far I’ve come over the past three years, since I first started exploring yoga, meditation, and spiritual practice — I’ve transformed from an anxious, overwhelmed wreck into the most confident, empowered, and vibrant version of mySelf yet, all thanks to my commitment to taking time to connect and ground myself daily 🥰🥰

If you’re interested in starting 2022 on the best foot possible, the Bliss Queen Initiation Group program may be for you!! Email me at mtlapp88@gmail.com for more info! 👑🌈💕

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