🌈The Seven Chakras🌈

The Seven Main Chakras are the energy centres that determine your overall state of alignment — when in balance, you feel grounded, creative, focused, open, communicative, and able to trust yourself and your intuition. When out of balance, you feel insecure, overwhelmed, burnt out, closed off, and full of doubt and uncertainty. Thankfully it’s easy to check in with your Chakras, and tarot/oracle is an amazing tool for identifying what’s up with your energy.

My day 2 crystal from my advent calendar — Strawberry Quartz, which reminds you to nurture yourself.

For day 2 of the #DecemberChakraBalance challenge we’re drawing a card for each Chakra!

I drew:

Root: IX – The Hermit. My Root Chakra needs healing, but I can know that I have already been studying/researching exactly what will help me organize myself around deeper regrounding.

Sacral: 5 of Swords. Ew!! Lol — I have totally been “fighting myself” in this department — I know what helps my creative flow and continue to resist for whatever reason.

Solar Plexus: 4 of Wands reversed. The key to manifestation for me right now is *putting myself out there* with deep trust that I’ll soon be celebrating my efforts.

Heart: 7 of Swords reversed. Ooh I love it!! I have been doing some important honesty work with myself, which is effectively freeing me up to begin the next phase of my healing journey.

Throat: 9 of Wands reversed/Ace of Wands. What a combo! I am ready to “change my tune” and relax the boundaries I’ve been setting *against* myself — the Ace of Wands is a direct reference back to the Sacral Chakra. Stop blocking myself creatively!! Go draw!! lol

Third Eye: King of Swords. I am very much in control of my intuition and the patterns of thought and action that are allowing me to establish myself as a leader in my New Age field.

Crown: 6 of Wands/Temperance: Yes!! I am downloading the exact next steps that will lead to breakthrough and victory. “Temperance” is key — lean even further into spiritual balance and flow.

So much Upper Chakra activity!! Those tend to stay balanced for me — I am actively working on my Third Eye right now, so the King of Swords makes a lot of sense there. My lower Chakras clearly need some attention!! 

That’s exactly why my Bliss Queen Initiation group program starts right from the bottom and works up through each of the Chakras. In order to truly ditch overwhelm and activate the bliss that comes with energetic alignment, it’s important to give each centre the attention it needs. The rewards for working through your energetic knots are so worth it!!

This is another amazing benefit of yoga and meditation — your next steps become clear as day and all you need to do is take them🤸‍♂️🛣🤸‍♀️

I love the cut cards — yesss Do the Work!! Keep at it with what I know balanced me and keeps that Throat Chakra open and clear. I’ve learned so much about what blocks my sense of Mastery (5 of Pentacles) and the Golden Atlantean dragon affirms how ready I am to reclaim my mastery.

The Shadow cards show that my devotional practice really is effecting new heights of Transformation!! I’m ready to harness my power once more, and starting back at the Root will be a key factor in that ol’ Wheel of Fortune turning again. How perfect that the next few prompts look at Root energy! 

I’m so intrigued that Hanuman showed up reversed in yesterday’s post and now here he is upright — I’m ready to communicate myself in a much more “playful” way. Playfulness is clearly a key factor in the ascension I’m experiencing!! My Inner Child is ready to help me progress <3<3

The Higher Self cards further reflect how much *I KNOW* what grounds me and stabilizes my energy — staying present in my body is key, which is exactly why I do yoga every morning. That Learning Experience card is somewhat equivalent to the Tower, so I’m buckling my seatbelt lol! But I love the King of Wands and Orange Dragon (even more Sacral energy) which is about soul family and community — I am so excited to lead the people in my January Bliss Queen Initiation program into their most balanced year yet!!

Clearly right now alignment for me means applying everything I’ve learned about myself for deeper healing than ever — I am so excited to start 2022 off on the best, most clear-headed foot possible💕

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