✨Week Ahead: September 6-12, 2021✨

This week the Moon makes its way through the signs of Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio before moving into Sagittarius on Sunday. It also kicks off with a New Moon in Virgo to help you make a new start in the department of health, routine, and getting organized!

I chose the Color Mage Oracle, Angels Among Us Oracle, Arcana of Astrology, and the Modern Witch Tarot for this week’s energy <3<3

Cut cards: 77. Shea | Beauty or Beast + 25 Baba Yaga | The Wise and Wild Woman, Duality, The Witch + Scorpio + 3 of Cups

Cut cards/initial energy: Some Deep Magic wants to be awakened in you this week, specifically via leaning in to the balance you’ve found that’s been helping you overcome the ego-voice and turn back towards grace, joy, and the friendships and connections that are ready to be built around the passion you bring to what you do.

Shadow cards: 69. Mallow | Listen well and fully + 32. Goddess Isis | Resurrection, Magic, Fertility + Tenth House + King of Swords

Shadow cards/energy bringing you to the week: This week’s energy asks you to Listen Well and Fully — an incredible opportunity arrives to resurrect and reinfuse your special blend of New Age magic into your legacy. Your challenges have informed the ways you’re ready to Step Up and transform once more, and you have such a firm grip on how you’ll be making it to your personal finish line.

Oracle cards/advice for the week: 87. Kiss | Goddess Freya + 16. Archangel Metatron | Spiritual Power, Esoteric Wisdom, Sacred Geometry + Eris + 4 of Wands

Oracle cards: It’s true that a particular institution needs to be *obliterated* this week, but you know exactly what that means for you, and all the power of the Universe is supporting you as you transition to embrace your newfound power and the patterns that support it. In so doing you prep yourself to Chef’s Kiss your accomplishments come the end of the week.

Overall Advice for the week: This is a huge manifestation week, where you really start to see the return you need on your energetic investments, leading to you feeling that much more engaged with what you’re doing Celebration is in store — kick off the week by making a powerful wish and see what happens!

♍Monday: The week begins with a clear picture of what has kept you feeling so overturned and separated from Hope. This is the exact kick in the pants you need to find the drive to make the difference you want to see.

♍Tuesday: A very sudden change is underway– your motor is revved and you’ve heard what you needed to hear to make a trajectory-altering decision For the Better. The work you’ve put in to shift your energy is paying off and you can feel how much You’re on your Way!

♎Wednesday: Oh my! Recognition finds you ask you bask in the energy of Victory. The battles you were forced to fight make more sense, as you’re able to remove ego from the equation and assess your next steps from a higher perspective.

♎➡️♏Thursday: The boundaries you’ve been setting lighten your load noticeably as you continue to make empowered decisions to protect your peace. You’ve learned so much about choosing your battles☮

♏Friday: You’re called to embrace your Mastery, as you realize how very much you’ve learned about your passion and sense of purpose! You dressed for success and now here you are, stepping into the much fuller form of what you’ve been manifesting.

♏Saturday: You continue to hone and balance your strategy, implementing ways that ensure not only your advancement, but your loved ones’ as well. You have the pattern, now it’s time to lay it all out, pin it up, and sew the whole shebang together☺️

♏➡️♐Sunday: This week taught you so much about what you’re able to handle, and today’s energy asks you to dig deep to find those juggling skills as a significant change to “teamwork” energy is necessary. Balance is a very real priority at this point as you continue to throw off what throws you off.

Higher Self cards: 62. Wise Owl | Inner Wisdom & Foresight + 21. St. Dymphna | Mental Health, Wellbeing, Support + Fifth House + Knight of Pentacles

Higher Self cards/message of hope moving forward: Yes — you knew this week was coming; it’s time to step into everything you’ve learned about what personal success means to you, as you unlock the full benefits of prioritizing your mental health and wellbeing and manifest the exact support you need to keep your plan on track. Luck is on your side as you close out the previous cycle and come up on one the holds creativity and pleasure at the forefront — you are so ready!!

It’s decision-making time!! You’re blasting out of your comfort zone this week. All that you’ve been planning towards finds its footing — Choosing Peace is this week’s key to finding the balance that unleashes your creative flow.
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